Terms and conditions of use

Data firm

Company name: ZCQR Deco Liability Company    ZCQR DECO KFT
Short company name: ZCQR Deco Ltd.
Seat: H-1083 Budapest, Baross utca 103/A. 9em.29
Postal address:  H-1083 Budapest, Baross utca 103/A. 9em.29
Tax number: 25730917-2-42
VAT number (EU tax): HU25730917
Number trade register: 01-09-286118
Copy of the register:  B-56 (2010.)
Number statistics: 25730917-4673-113-01
E-mail address: info@bamboo-wallpaper.com
Homepage: www.bamboo-wallpaper.com
Phone number: 00 36 30 972 5208
Personal contact: Zhu Chenjun

Data of Bank

Name of Bank: OTP Bank
Address of Bank: 1102 Bp, Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.

Charge account of ZCQR Deco Ltd.: 117100022122141700000000
Charge account international of ZCQR Deco Ltd.(IBAN):  HU51117100022122141700000000
Swift Code: OTPVHUHB 


Language of the present General Terms of Agreement: Hungarian
Legislation to be applied in case of the agreement: Hungarian law 

In case if you wish to buy anything in our webshop or if you intend to be an active user, please read our General Terms of Agreement carefully (hereinafter referred to as: GTA) and you should resort to using our services only if you agree with all the terms and conditions stated therein and if you regard them as binding.

The present document will not be filed, cannot be retraced later on, it is only concluded electronically and it does not refer to any kind of code of ethics. All the contents of each paragraph are an integral and inseparable part of the GTA that you should read carefully before using the webshop and/or purchasing anything. 

The agreement is concluded between the Buyer and the Seller electronically. By registering on our customer website you accept all the terms and conditions contained in the General Terms of Agreement as binding.

ZCQR Deco Ltd.will deliver orders from the webshop to Hungary and all the countries which are listed below.

1. zone Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia
2. zone Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Romania
3. zone Bulgaria, Denmark, Great Britain, Estonia, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Italy, Sweden
4. zone Greece, Finland, Portugal, Spain

Products can only be ordered from our webshop electronically, with delivery.The shipping fees of DPD delivery are the followings: 




0-3,00 kg

1 355 Ft

3,01-5,00 kg

1 355 Ft

5,01-10,00 kg

1 755 Ft

10,01-20,00 kg

2 300 Ft

20,01-31,50 kg

3 140 Ft

31,51-50,00 kg

5 240 Ft


1. zone

2. zone

3. zone

4. zone

13,89 €

18,29 €

25,49 €

38,30 €

14,30 €

19,31 €

26,36 €

39,31 €

15,58 €

20,66 €

27,36 €

40,76 €

16,60 €

21,68 €

28,80 €

43,79 €

18,29 €

23,37 €

32,30 €

50,09 €





In our webshop orders can only be made electronically, through the internet, at the following site: bamboo-wallpaper.com. We cannot accept orders through the phone, by e-mail or post.

The purchase price indicated beside the products includes country-specific value added tax.

In bamboo-wallpaper.com webshop you have to register before purchasing and you have to provide the general delivery and invoicing data as well. Registration and providing the data is free and voluntary. You can modify and delete your data at any time.

By making an order and registering at the bamboo-wallpaper.comwebsite and webshop the Buyer/User consents to accept and acknowledge all the terms and conditions, statements, terms concerning purchases and delivery contained in the regulations and the General Terms of Agreement, moreover, agrees with all the terms of the website and all the paragraphs of the statement and considers them as binding.

Making an order cannot be considered as an agreement, it can be modified and waived freely and without consequences until performance. The contract comes into effect when taking over the product. You can delete and modify your order at any time preceding the posting of the package, electronically in e-mail or on the phone.

The order made by the customer comes into force after we have confirmed it by sending an e-mail from the info@bamboo-wallpaper.com e-mail address. We will confirm the order within 48 hours at the latest and list the ordered products and their prices, haulage costs and the expected date and time of posting. ZCQR Deco Ltd.and bamboo-wallpaper.comdo not take any liability for unreal e-mails or e-mails that do not work, and consequently for delayed or failed delivery or any kind of damage resulting from the above.

Subject of the contract concluded between the Parties:
The contractual relation is established between the Parties when the product is purchased and paid for. The subject of the contract may refer to all the priced products on stock that can be ordered from ZCQR Deco Ltd.bamboo-wallpaper.com internet webshop. The products that are being uploaded to the webshop and products that are not available shall not be subject of the contract. Product information is specified next to the available products that can be ordered.

We reserve the right to reject orders that have already been confirmed, partly or entirely. Performance in part can only take place after agreement with the customer. In case if the customer paid for the product in advance, we undertake to cover the costs of returning the entire amount to the Customer.

You can ask questions arising in connection with the functioning of the webshop, its order and delivery processes and product information by contacting us at the contact details specified on our webpage (Contact option).

Intellectual property rights

The internet pages and the entire webpage of bamboo-wallpaper.com  is protected by intellectual property. The preliminary consent of ZCQR Deco Ltd. is required to use texts, parts of text and the pictures and photo material that are the property of bamboo-wallpaper.com. Legal protection and intellectual property rights concern the downloading of pages, using the pages in other media and webpages. The entire contents or parts of it published on the webpage can only be used for commercial or any other purposes if we gave our preliminary consent to it.

bamboo-wallpaper.com’s own pictures and press pictures can be published but in this case the logo, name, contact details of Bamboo Wallpaper and the text saying „All rights reserved” (in a font size defined in advance) have to be clearly indicated. In addition, the requesting party shall inform ZCQR Deco Ltd. in writing to info@bamboo-wallpaper.com concerning the place and date of publication. Use of this nature is free of charge.

bamboo-wallpaper.comdoes not consider all the pictures, graphics, sound recordings and videos as its own except for cases when the material is obviously part of its intellectual property. In this case ZCQR Deco Ltd. is entitled to have exclusive intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to reproduce or use such graphics, sound recordings and videos or any other texts published in any other electronic or printed media without our preliminary consent. The intellectual property belongs to the respective owner(s) of visual contents, which we indicated. In case if you are the owner of the intellectual property of a picture or photo and you do not want it to appear on the website of bamboo-wallpaper.com, please contact us in writing or phone and we will remove the contents as soon as possible.

The right to desist from purchasing

In accordance with the edict of 17/1999. (II. 5.) and 213/2008. (VIII. 29.)  you can desist from purchasing without explanation.

The contract between the Seller and the Customer concludes when the Customer receipts and pays for the product. When the contract concludes at the time you receipt and pays for a product, you have 8, ie. Eight working days to desist from purchasing without explanation via phone or in written form by post or in electronic way in the form of email. In this case ZCQR Deco Ltd.,  immediately or at the latest in 30 days, is liable to refund the amount of money paid by the customer to the bank account, or by postal refund – according by your request - given by You at the time of desist. The refunding and the costs are on the Seller. If the delivery of the product to the Customer was not free then the Seller refunds the delivery cost as well to the Customer. The Customer has to pay only for returning the product to the Seller, there are no other costs. The Seller can demand refunding from the Customer in case there is damage to the product due to out of normal use. In case of written desist, it is sufficient for the Customer to send the Desist Statement in 8, ie. Eight working days to the Seller. In case of postal desist the posting date is taken into consideration.

E-mail address: info@bamboo-wallpaper.com
Postal Address: H-1107 Budapest, Csoma Sétány 6.
Phone Number: 00 36 30 972 5208

Post the product as a registered post to our address packed with at least the safety we posted it to you and include the declaration of desist. This way you can prove the posting date. You can create the desist declaration freely we have no specific form for this. You can send us the original invoice or its photocopy by post or the scanned form in electronic way. In case sending us the product back, please don’t post it cash on delivery, we can’t afford to receive such consignments. The full charge of the returning is on the Customer. If the product was not packaged properly and this caused damaged to the product, the Customer is liable to refund it.

In case of defective fulfillment:
If you received other product than you ordered, please contact us immediately on phone or in email and we replace it for free.

In case of defective product:
We replace a purchased product only if those are proven defective. If the ordered product is proven defective we exchange it for free. If we are not able to replace the product, the Customer can choose if he/she wishes to receive discount on the defective product, or can choose another product taking the value into consideration, or can desist from purchasing.

Complaint caused by delivery failures:
ZCQR Deco Ltd. packs the products in perfect condition with extreme care and checks the product’s safety before posting it. Always check if the package and the containing product are undamaged after receiving it. After receiving the package, unpack it and check if it is undamaged before the postman. The postman must wait for you to unpack and check the product. If the delivered product is defective, ask for the delivery record and don’t take over the package. We are taking complaints only if this record exists. We are unable to replace any product if there is no record of your complaint. If you have any problem with this, contact us, we are willing to try to solve the inconvenience.

The laws and information regarding consumer protection are available on the homepage of the National Consumer Protection Supervision (www.nfh.hu). In issues not regulated here, the Civil Code and the rules of the edict 17/1999. (II. 5.) are the authoritative.

In lack of present information the Consumer can desist from the purchase for three months. 

Modifying the terms of usage

ZCQR Deco Ltd., the maintainer of bamboo-wallpaper.com reserves the right to modify the present terms of use and the terms of purchasing without particular explanation and notifications. The customer can always look into the actual terms from this part of the site and the other menus, which terms are effective from the date of publishing.

In case of change in price the prices of the ordered products are the ones the date when ordered, that price will be billed. We reserve the right of changing prices!

The maintainer of bamboo-wallpaper.comreserves the right to change anything on every single of its websites.

In case of defective fulfillment (in case of defective product):
If you received other product than you ordered, or the product is proven defective, please contact us immediately on phone or in email and we replace it for free. Considering that we are a web shop, we don’t have each and every product in stock.

In case of defective fulfillment you can ask for:
1.) replacing the product,
2.) discount on the product,
3.) desist from purchase,
4.) choose another product taking the value into consideration.

If we have the product on stock, we replace it and then we post it the next day we receive the product needs to be replaced. The customer decides whether he/she reserves the order and waits for the product to arrive and replacing, or we refund a part of the full amount, or choosing another product taking the value into consideration, or to desist from purchase. The stock is being registered after the processing of the orders that day. There are products which cannot be re-ordered.

In case of defective product we replace the purchased product only if it is proven defective.

Defects caused by delivery:
ZCQR Deco Ltd. packs the products in perfect condition with extreme care and checks the product’s safety before posting it. Always check if the package and the containing product are undamaged after receiving it. After receiving the package, unpack it and check if it is undamaged before the postman. The postman must wait for you to unpack and check the product. If the delivered product is defective, ask for the delivery record and don’t take over the package. We are taking complaints only if this record exists. We are unable to replace any product if there is no record of your complaint.

Product replacement:
You can ask for a simple product replacement, taking the value into consideration if it isn’t defective, on phone or in written form. ATTENTION! If you wish to ask for replacement, you have three days after you received the product to do so! After three days, replacement is not an option. After you informed us we send a confirmation mail to you, and you can post the product back to us, with all its papers, packed in safely (at least the way we did). In this case the Customer pays for the delivery fees and the newly ordered product’s delivery fee as well. We are not able to take over cash on delivery packages, so post the package only as a consignment! In case we receive damaged product caused by improper packaging, the Customer is liable to refund the caused damage.

Managing complaints:
We are taking complaints orally or in written form. You can find us under the “Kapcsolat” (Contact) menu. After receiving a complaint, we pass judgment on it and writing a record of it, in which we record:

Consumer’s name and address,
the name and the price of the product
the date of purchasing,
the date of announcing the defect,
the description of the defect,
the demand enforced by the Consumer,
the method of settling the complaint.

Deviating from the content and order of practice of the warranty rights is not an option.

We remind you, if the viewpoint of ZCQR Deco Ltd. is not acceptable by you, you can turn with your complaint against our decision to the following organs – in accordance with the type of your complaint: 

Other regulations

In issues left out from the Terms of Usage, the authoritative is the regulations of the Hungarian Law, the Civil Code, the edict 17/1999. (II. 5.) about the contract between the Absents and the 2001. CVIII. law about  Electronic commercial services and services contiguous with the information society. The invalidated or invalid regulations have no effect on the other regulations. The pictures and the product information are only informative.

You accept the terms of ZCQR Deco Ltd.by browsing the web shop’s site and by placing an order.  For a full-scope of information please read the rest of the menus as well.

We reserve the right to change on every page of bamboo-wallpaper.com.