Privacy Policy

Data protection, handling personal data

Concerning the handling of data Act LXIII of 1992 concerning Data Protection (Avtv.), and other relevant Hungarian legislation concerning data management shall be considered as normative.

We are going to store your data for an undetermined period of time or until you request their deletion in order to give evidence of the contractual conditions at a later date. ZCQR Deco Ltd. treats your data as confidential, does not disclose it to third parties, except for the data that is required by the transport company for delivering the order, or if they are needed by the authorities. Data are exclusively collected and processed for ZCQR Deco Ltd. in order that the company can perform its business tasks, can organize promotions and advertisement campaigns, respecting the relevant dispositions of legislation concerning the protection and treatment of personal data.

We are not going to use the e-mail address that you provided for our newsletter without your consent, only with the purpose of fulfilling orders. In case if you want to get updated information concerning our offers, promotions and novelties, please 
subscribe to our newsletter. Providing data is voluntary and free of charge.

ZCQR Deco Ltd. acts in line with paragraph 30 of the Avtv., according to which personal data can be disclosed in connection with a specific purchase.

Personal data, their registration, modification, deletion, faulty registration

Registering on our website has a significance if you order anything from our webshop.

You can only order products from our webshop after having registered there.

Providing data is voluntary and free of charge. You can delete, modify and correct your personal data free of charge at any time with the help of your registration name and password or requesting it on the phone, in a letter or electronically. In this case you should contact us in e-mail or on the phone (during working hours). We will do our best to perform these requests as soon as possible.

Registration, modification and deletion

Registration on the webpage of Bamboo Wallpaper is free. The condition of the registration is to provide precise, complete and up to date information on the registration sheet and to accept the terms of purchase and delivery and the GTA. You need to provide a valid e-mail address and a password. It is your responsibility to keep your password private and to ensure the confidentiality of the login information. Following registration our system is going to send an activating e-mail to your e-mail account. Later on, with the help of your login name and password you can modify your personal data at any time. You can request the deletion and/or modification of your registration by sending us an e-mail at any time. Modification or deletion of the registration is free.

It is forbidden to create false accounts and profiles. In case of doubts ZCQR Deco Ltd. the operator of ZCQR Deco Ltd. is entitled to confirm personal data, in order to certify the lawfulness of name use. Bamboo Wallpaper reserves itself the right to delete or suspend unlawful registrations at any time without prior notice.

ATTENTION! In case if you fail to activate the link within 1 month following registration, our system will automatically delete your registration, thus, you will have to repeat it if you wish to register at our website.

Faulty registration
In case if you provided faulty information when completing the required data and/or if you did not entirely complete the compulsory fields and for this reason our system did not manage to register you, the operator of, ZCQR Deco Ltd. does not take any liability for the damages resulting from the User’s fault and the technical problems emerging during this process.

Limiting liability on the webpage

ZCQR Deco Ltd. does not intend to ask for personal data from persons younger than 14 years of age. In case if a person younger than 14 registered personal data in our system, the consent of the child’s parent or guardian is required. In case if the parent or guardian did not consent to providing the child’s personal data, he or she can request the deletion of these pieces of information according to the process described in the previous paragraph. Of course, in this case the data sent to us will be deleted from our system as soon as possible. When registering we do not request any written forms concerning the consent of the parent/guardian.

Excluding responsibility on the webpage

ZCQR Deco Ltd.  the operator of webshop does not take any kind of responsibility for the damages due to loss of data, software restoration, downtime or any other damage due to failed production or working hours encountered by the Customer or outstanding profits and losses. The User/Customer acknowledges that he or she has to ensure proper use and protection of his/her computer and the data stored on it. The operator of webshop does not take any liability for any kind of outer, direct or indirect faults, special or potential consequences, losses, with special regard to damages due to breakdowns, delayed information transfer or viruses or system faults, including cases when ZCQR Deco Ltd. was informed of such potential damages, losses or costs. We do not take any responsibility for faults – print or technical – that do not belong to our direct liabilities.

Webpage content, purchase price, parameters, the appearance of the product's colour

By using the webpage or service it is your full responsibility to decide if the information provided conforms to your demands or sensibility. The author does not take any financial or intellectual responsibility for the use of data published on the website.

The operator of tries to provide the most precise information possible to the User concerning the priced products available at its websites. Technical problems might arise during the introduction of non-priced products with zero HUF price, thus these pieces of information are informative, shall not be considered as an offer. We reserve the right to modify them at any time.

The descriptions available beside the products available in the webshop can differ from the descriptions provided by the manufacturer. The photos next to the products are only symbolic, the real packaging and appearance of the products may be different. The packaging/description of the products available on our stock may differ from that of the manufacturers since the manufacturers often change these parts of their products, thus we reserve the right to have different packaging/description in case of the products on our stock than those published by the manufacturers. does not take any responsibility for any changes in product descriptions due to modifications applied by suppliers, manufacturers or changes taking place for any reason and without prior notice.

We do our best to publish the real colour of the products which are available on our website. However, since the appearance of the colours might change due to special features of the monitor and individual settings, we cannot guarantee that the colour of the delivered products will be exactly the same as the colour of the products seen on the webpage. We cannot accept any kind of complaints concerning colours.

Purchase price:
The prices indicated beside the products is a gross retail purchase price that already contains the country - specific value added tax. We reserve the right to change our prices and stock.

Browsing our webpage, webstore, browsers and cookies

You are free to browse our web store and webpage without revealing your orders, registrations or entity, so you can get acquainted with our webpage, look into our products and prices. In this case you don’t need to grant us your details. 

Cookie is an information package, which is sent by the homepage (server) to the user’s browser, and is stored on the local computer. This way the homepage is able to connect the actual request with the preceding ones: it is most frequently used to identify registered users and register the “shopping cart”. For shopping, the cookies must be enabled. Please, enable the use of the cookies. Your machine’s IP address will be recorded! In case you don’t wish to enable cookies, you can disable it in your browser settings. In this case certain elements of our services will not or just partly be available. Cookies don’t store personal data.

Exclusion of the responsibilities for third-party webpages, links

Users can click away from webpage to another webpages. ZCQR Deco Ltd.  is not responsible for the contents of these external links, or the changes and updates made on these pages and are not supervised by ZCQR Deco Ltd. Jumping onto these websites the User gets onto websites maintained by other service providers which are edited by third-party and their contents are not known by the maintainers of In this case the maintainers of have no influence on the handling of personal data and have no responsibility regarding related webpages. The purpose of the links to the third-party internet pages is to ease orientation and serves only comfort functions, but this doesn’t mean that the author is identified with the content of the certain webpage, thus ZCQR Deco Ltd. cannot be identified with any of the statements on these webpages. ZCQR Deco Ltd. is not responsible for the contraventions of law and the harms caused by those on these webpages. When viewing these related websites, the Terms of Condition by this website’s owner is the authoritative.


By register and placing an order, the Customer/User acknowledges and accepts the shopping-, delivery-, paying-, and the license agreement and all the agreements contained in these rules.